A simple, FREE AppAudio download from the iTunes or Google Play store enables your members to enjoy audio on their Apple or Android devices from television monitors installed anywhere in your facility.

AppAudio Features Include: 

  • Easy member AppAudio downloads from iTunes or Google Play stores provide mobile club TV audio listening anywhere in your facility.

  • Standard systems with no monthly fees.

  • Dialog Enhancement feature for best audio quality during noisy peak hours and for the hearing impaired. 

  • Optional MYE AppAudio Mobile Marketing service enables you to connect and motivate your members with direct mobile marketing on their smartphones. Upload promotional banners, special offers, class schedules and more!

  • ​Lifetime Apple iOS, Android and system software updates.

  • Exclusive MYE Technology provides seamless AppAudio integration with your current MYE, Cardio Theater or other TV audio transmitters.

MYE AppAudio is covered by US Patent 8,495,236. 
Additional US Patents Pending 
Welcome Ad
or Video

A Welcome Ad or
Video is the first
thing members see
each time the app is
opened. You set the
amount of seconds
before your Welcome
ad or video can be skipped.
Scrolling Promotional

Upload class
schedules, special
event details or
any PDF document
for members to
view on their mobile
Easily integrate your existing MYE, Cardio Theater or other TV transmitters to AppAudio with the optional MYE TV Audio Grabber.

  • Receives audio from your current TV Audio Transmitters to be heard on smartphones

  • Provides TV Audio to all of your members with or without a smartphone 

  • Eliminates the need to wire TV audio cables directly to AppAudio Wi-Fi system 
Patent Pending 
Promotional materials including Table Tents, Hand-Out Cards, and Cardio Machine Stickers come with each system to educate and excite your customers to download AppAudio.  
MYE AppAudio is covered by US Patent 8,495,236. Additional US Patents Pending.

App demo audio tracks courtesy Zzyzx Films and Grand Cru Music  
App to Listen 
MYE AppAudio is FREE for Your
Members to Enjoy Club TV Audio
on Apple and Android Devices
App to Connect with Your Members  
Increase your membership sales and referrals with the secure MYE AppAudio Marketing Cloud. Your customized app features your company logo and graphics, easy uploads and management of targeted promotional messages – all backed with MYE marketing materials and support.
MYE AppAudio Mobile Marketing Empowers You to Engage Your Membership and Boost Sales
Information Section 

Upload class schedules, special
event details or
any PDF document
for members to
view on their mobile
Special Offers 

​Upload your Special
Offers and rewards.
Members select to
redeem or learn more. Offers are removed automatically after the
expiration date.
Text Banners 

Text banners allow you to insert important facility updates quickly and easily. 
App Branding 

Personalize with your facility name and corporate colors 
Frequently Asked Questions 

AppAudio Hardware & Software 

​Q. Are there monthly fees for the AppAudio system? 
A. We offer systems with no monthly fees and offer optional features and services depending on your requirements. 

Q. Do you charge for regular firmware & software updates for routine maintenance? 
A. All firmware and software updates are free of charge during the entire time you own your AppAudio system. 

Q. Does AppAudio have to be connected to the internet? 
A. The standard system does not need to be connected to the internet. We recommend it as all AppAudio firmware & software updates can be done automatically without the need for manual steps to connect to each system.

Q. If I own multiple systems can I get firmware & software updates across all locations at the same time?
A. Yes you have the option to receive all software updates automatically across all locations simultaneously with no interruption of service, no manual connection to each system or the need to create a special VPN. 

Q. Will AppAudio take bandwidth from our member Wi-Fi network or internal network? 
A. No. AppAudio uses a tiny percentage of the internet bandwidth and a modest percentage of the local bandwidth. 

AppAudio Mobile Marketing Features 

​Q. How do we upload and manage our mobile marketing content to the AppAudio app? 
A. Marketing content is easily uploaded and managed via our exclusive AppAudio Online Marketing Portal. You will receive secure log in credentials for your organization along with training. 

Q. Can we direct our marketing and promotional content across all of our locations?
A. Yes. You can direct marketing content to all locations or select specific content to be directed to specific locations. 

Q. Can we charge sponsors for banner ads and special offers? 
A. Yes. You can create and charge advertisers and sponsors as you wish. Many AppAudio customers recoup their investment and earn additional revenue by offering local businesses advertising opportunities through banner ads and special offers. 

Q. Do you offer custom graphic services for banners and special offers? 
A. We provide a variety of standard banner ads for many in-club amenities free of charge. If you require custom graphics we can provide them at a nominal fee. 

Q. Can we direct content from our ClubCom system to the AppAudio app?
A. Yes.ClubCom content and audio can be directed to the AppAudio app. 

Existing Cardio Theater Style Wireless Cardio Entertainment Systems

Q. Should I disconnect my Cardio Theater style wireless system on my cardio machines when installing AppAudio? 
A. We do not recommend disconnecting your standard Cardio Theater style wireless system on cardio machines for a few reasons: 1) not every member will have a compatible Apple or Android smartphone and you need to continue providing all of your members TV audio on cardio machines as they are accustomed to. 2) some members do not bring their smartphones into the club. 3) Many major brand cardio machines have Cardio Theater style receivers now built into the cardio machines. Consider a hybrid system with built in receivers on some cardio machines and AppAudio for mobile listening and marketing features. This will provide the best of of both worlds!
The professional quality MYE AppAudio System streams low-latency audio over Wi-Fi from TVs and other audio sources to be heard on Apple or Android devices via a listening app available on iTunes or Google Play stores. The AppAudio system is available in 4 channel increments with additional channels added time and ships ready to connect in a single space industrial grade metal enclosure. The AppAudio systems is highly flexible and scalable to meet the requirements of any size facility and comes with a 2 year warranty. 
The AppAudio System 
Hear Your Current Cardio Theater Style System on AppAudio Smartphone App 
AppAudio Promotional Materials 
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